• Earrings PE79YGSH

Earrings PE79YGSH

length:3.5 cm
Delicate Earrings set with Swarovski crystals and Semi-Precious stones
24k Yellow gold plated.

From 'Sheba' Collection
The mythological kingdom of the Queen of Sheba who controlled the perfume, gold and precious stone trade routes between Southern Arabia, the Mediterranean and Iraq.
Wisdom, feminine power,beauty,mystery,riches – these are the keywords of this group in which heavy jewellery is prominent, with large collars like those of the female rulers of ancient kingdoms.
The stones that Participate in this collection: Chryscolla, Howlite Turquoise, Orange cateye, Jaspar red
Jaspar Braccitated, Jade dyed yellow, Swarovski stones.
Price: $60
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