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General Terms of Use


This website is owned by AMARO Jewellery Ltd. (hereinafter – "AMARO" or the "Company") who's registered office is located at no. 14 Raoul Wallenberg Str., Ramat Hayal, Tel Aviv, 69719. Tel: 03-6474348

The use of this website is offered to you subject to your acceptance of all terms, conditions, and notices contained herein, in their presented form. Therefore, the use of this site shall be considered as your acceptance of these terms, notices and conditions contained in this Agreement, and therefore the terms and conditions presented below shall constitute the agreement which shall remain valid for the duration of time during which you use this site. The use of this site is subject to your acceptance of all terms, conditions and notices presented herein, out of understanding that you are bound by them for all intents and purposes.

You are requested to carefully read this agreement prior to making use of this website. In the event you do not agree with this agreement and/or are not interested in binding yourself under this agreement, you are kindly requested to leave the site.

The use of this site is permitted only to individuals and/or entities capable of binding themselves under legal obligations. Therefore, if you do not meet this basic condition (such as: if you are legally under age), you are prohibited from making use of this site and are requested to leave it.


Product Return Policy

AMARO shall substitute or accept any item purchased on this site in accordance with the alternatives listed hereunder. Any item returned or replaced must be in the same condition as when purchased and in its original packaging. Items shall not be exchanged or returned without presentation of the original invoice. You are entitled to approach any one of the company's stores in Israel with the item and its original invoice, or prior to shipment of the item by you, you are required to contact the company's Customer Relations Department at 03-6484397.


AMARO Chain Refund Policy

  1. Cash refunds shall be offered up to two business days after the date of purchase.
  2. Cash refunds shall be offered subject to presentation of the original invoice and/or gift voucher exchange slip.
  3. Cash refunds shall only be offered for jewelry presented in its in its original packaging and bearing AMARO's standard seal, hermetically sealed with the item in new condition, intact, as sold to the customer on the day of purchase.
  4. Cash refunds shall be conducted upon cancellation of the transaction, whenever possible, or at the earliest possible time, and in any case no later than 7 business days.
  5. Cash refunds offered shall be of the original amount paid for the item in question, as listed in the  original purchasing invoice.


All cash refunds shall be transfered in the same form of payment used during the original purchase, as detailed below:

Credit Card - The company shall cancel the charge made at the customer's credit card company.

Credit Card (After the company account is credited) – The company shall return the amount paid in form of cash or check, or shall notify the customer's credit card company to cancel the transaction, and the company shall immediately reimburse the customer's credit card with the original amount.

Ongoing Transactions – The transaction shall be canceled within 3 business days after notice of cancellation is given. In the event of a cancellation notice that is delivered by registered mail, the transaction is to be completed within 6 days of its delivery for shipment. Termination of Transaction implies that the customer will not be charged for the products or services supplied after the date of cancellation.

Cancellation Fees – According to company policy, all cancellations shall carry a cancellation fee of 5% of the price paid for the goods or services in question, or one hundred New Israeli Shekels, the lower of the two.


Product Return/Replacement Policy at AMARO Chain Stores

Product replacements/refunds shall only be provided upon presentation of the original purchasing invoice and/or replacement voucher no later than 14 days after date of purchase. Any item returned without its original packaging or AMARO's purchase seal shall not be replaced or refunded.

In the event of a transaction cancellation for reasons other than a defect or nonconformity between the item and the details provided by the Company – you shall be requested to return the item to the company offices in its original packaging.

It is hereby clarified that there is nothing in the foregoing that may serve to derogate from the company's right to make any claim regarding possible damage incurred by it from such cancellations due to a decrease in item value resulting from a significant deterioration in his condition.


Execution of Online Purchases


Accuracy of the Item Information

All item photos displayed on this website are provided for illustration purposes only. AMARO makes every effort to ensure that the colors and/or designs and/or shades presented in item photos properly reflect those existing in the item supplied to you by the company. Despite such efforts, there is a chance slight differences and/or inaccuracies may exist as a result of problems pertaining to graphics, technique, use of varying computer screen resolutions, use of different viewing software. It is hereby declared that AMARO is not responsible for any type of errors appearing on this website, including those originating from text, item descriptions, prices, etc., and it reserves the right to cancel any order resulting from such error.

Website users are prohibited from making any modification, copy, distribution, transmission, presentation, reproduction, publication, licensing, derivative works, and/or sale of any information, software, item or association originating from this website.


Price and Payment Method Policy

AMARO reserves the right to change, at any time, the price of items and/or services presented on the website, without prior notification. The price customers are charged is that price which appears on the date on which the order is placed.

All website orders may be placed using Visa CAL, Leumi-card, Diners, American Express, Master Card and Isracard type credit cards (hereinafter - "credit cards"). All payments pertaining to this site must be made, in full, using credit cards only. Payments made by cash or check are not accepted. In addition, the use of promotional coupons issued by the company for previous purchases, gift vouchers purchased and/or received by the company, etc. is not accepted. A prerequisite for the execution of order is the receipt of all approvals required from the credit card company or the customer's bank, and items shall only be delivered to the customer's address after all required approvals are obtained.


Item Availability

The supply of items presented on this site, by AMARO, is subject to their existence in company stock at the time during which the order is placed. The Company reserves the right to terminate, at any time and without prior notice, the production of any given item and/or any sales offer and/or provision of any related service, and you hereby waive the right to make any claim and/or demand and/or file any suit in connection therewith. AMARO makes no guarantee that a particular item will be available at a particular sales location, even if that location is specified on the site. Notwithstanding, in the unlikely event that the company is unable to supply a given item after the order confirmation is received, a company representative will contact you with an alternate offer or for assistance in cancellation of the  original order. In addition, AMARO makes no guarantee that all items appearing on this site will be available at all stores.


Order Confirmation

After confirming your order by pressing "Send", your order is submitted to the company for execution. Certified orders are confirmed by way of Purchase Order Confirmations sent to your email address within 48 hours of order confirmation. In the event any items ordered by you are out of stock, despite their appearance on the site, or in the event of the credit card company rejecting your charge, the company shall not be required to supply the items ordered. In such cases, adequate notice shall be sent to your address and your credit card shall not be charged.


Order Delivery Policy


Shipping and Handling Costs

AMARO does not charge shipping and handling for domestic deliveries. Please Note: Orders are personally delivered into the hands of the customer only. PO Box deliveries are not available.


Delivery Times

Subject to the provisions set forth herein, AMARO shall make every effort to supply the ordered item within 14 business days (excluding Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and holiday eves), from the date of order confirmation. The company shall not be responsible for any delays in supply of items as a result of events beyond its control.


Failure to Supply Products within the Prescribed Deadline

In the event your order is not supplied within the time period listed above, you are kindly requested to contact our Internet Department by phone at 03-6484397, or by email at Upon receiving your order, you are kindly requested to carefully verify the contents of the package. In the event of discrepancy between your order and the item received, please act in accordance with the guidelines set forth in "Returns" section provided herein.


Intellectual Property Rights

All copyrights and intellectual property related to the site, including any written content or otherwise, brand name, design, trademarks and service marks appearing therein, including the Jewelry designs and all copyrights thereof, samples and patents presented therein, are the sole property of AMARO jewelry and are protected by law. Any attempt to copy, distribute, publicly display, or transfer any part thereof to any third party without obtaining prior written consent by the Company is strictly prohibited. All Trademarks presented in the website are the sole property of the company - or, in the event they are advertised by advertisers, they are the property of those advertisers alone and may not be used in any way without their prior written consent.

AMARO believes in the protection of intellectual property rights and supports all efforts made for protection of third party rights. Therefore, if you believe that the right of any third party is impaired as a result of any written content, image, or work presented on this website, you are kindly requested to inform us by email at, and leave your own contact details so we are able to contact you regarding the matter. The removal of any material from the site  due to such notification of infringement, shall be considered as a demonstration of the company's willingness to resolve the issue out of court, beyond the letter of the law, and shall not be considered, under any circumstances, as recognition that the right of any third party has been violated (ex gratia).


Privacy Policy

You are kindly requested to carefully read the company policy regarding the collection of data and use of personal information received by this site.


Non-disclosure and Confidentiality of Information

AMARO does all that is within its power to protect the integrity of information received online and maintain confidentiality thereof. All data collection is performed in a secure environment (add details, specification of software security, protocols, etc.) and are used for the sole purpose of identifying customers during placement of orders or while visiting the site.

AMARO uses your credit card number only during placement of the current order. Upon completion of the transaction and after receiving authorization from the credit card company for the transaction, all card details are deleted automatically.


Registration and Cancellation Thereof

Some of the services provided by this website prior require registration. As part of the registration process you are required to enter personal information such as your name and email address. Such details are submitted to the company on a voluntary basis with your full consent. In addition, you will  also asked whether you allow AMARO to contact you via email regarding company news, publications, launching of new collections and other events . AMARO shall only make use of such information in full compliance with this Privacy Policy and/or any law. Any information you submit is secured in accordance with the Privacy Protection Law (5731) - 1981, in the company's legally registered database.

Any customer wishing to remove himself from the company mailing/SMS list is requested to inform the company offices of his decision, in writing, at the earliest opportunity, at the office address:

14 Raoul Wallenberg Str., Ramat HaHayal, or by email to:


Use of Cookies

AMARO may transfer "cookies" to your computer for the purpose of collecting statistical data about website use, and to customize the site according to your own user preferences. "Cookies" are text files that are created by your browser and saved on your computer hard-drive following a command to so so by a website server. Cooky files contain information such as web pages you've visited, the length of time you spent on the site, the referral page from which you arrived to the site, information you had requested to view while surfing the site, and more. It is possible to set your browser to either accept or reject "cookies", or to notify you when a "cookie" is being sent to you. Because each browser operates in a different manner, to adjust your own browser's cookie settings, open your browser's "Help" menu and read the appropriate section.


Limitations of Use

This website is protected under both Israeli and international law, including protection of copyright and trademarks. This Agreement does not grant users with any rights or license to enter any modification and/or adjustment to this site and/or to any contents thereof, whether they be viewed, downloaded from the website, or accessed by any other means. The permission under which you are allowed to use the site does not include: purchasing and/or any other use for commercial reasons, copying, reproduction, distribution, creation of item using the information provided on this website, without explicit permission of the Company to do so, excluding any use permitted by law. In addition, you are also prohibited from uploading any information, files, or codes that may alter, damage, interfere with or harm this site or any information contained within, or any property rights owned by the company itself or any third party. Furthermore, users are strictly prohibited from making improper and/or unauthorized use of this site, including insertion of  "Trojan horses", "viruses", "worms" and any other malicious software. In addition, you are prohibited from displaying and/or publishing and/or planting any illegal, immoral, threatening, abusive material of any type, including any material that constitutes defamation or likewise.


No Warranties

This site, including any content and information contained herein, and any link pointing to any other site, are provided for use on an “As Is” basis, without any warranties of any kind by the company.  Therefore, there is nothing in either the website or this text that constitutes the company's  representation concerning the reliability, compliance, appropriateness, and/or accuracy of any information, software, items, graphic references contained herein for any purpose whatsoever. Accordingly, you shall not be entitled to make any claim, demand, or file any suit against the Company in connection with any features, references, features, limitations or suitability of the site to your own needs and demands.

AMARO provides no warranty that (a) any reference contained within the site remains uninterrupted or is provided on a continuous basis without interruption; (b) that all website activity continues in a safe manner without errors; (c) that the site remains immune to unauthorized access into company servers, damage, malfunctions, errors – including any problems pertaining to hardware, software or website communication lines – at the Company or any one of its suppliers; (d) that all information provided complies with all any requirement or expectation, (e) that all requests are handled at the time specified by yourself; (f) that this site will meet the requirements, expectations, or hopes of any user, (g) that the results derived from using this website are reliable and accurate; (h) that any error in the information provided on this website will be corrected.

Please note, this disclaimer applies only to the website content and the usage thereof, and by no means applies to the international warranty provided by the company to any of its products or to any other warranty period explicitly provided.


Website Changes

AMARO reserves the right to change any term, condition or notice that applies to the use of this website at any time and without prior notice. You hereby undertake to abide by and act in accordance with any such changes immediately upon their implementation herein. We encourage you to read the latest version of this Terms of Use.



Termination of Agreement

AMARO reserves the right to refuse use of this website, or any part thereof, to any user, including yourself, in its sole discretion and without prior notice. In addition, AMARO is entitled to cease all association with any user, including yourself, in its sole discretion and without prior notice. Upon termination and/or cancellation of the association between the website and yourself, you are kindly requested to stop using this site on an immediate basis. Furthermore, AMARO reserves the right, under its sole discretion, to cease all website maintenance services and/or shut down activity of the site in its entirety or any part thereof.


Links to Other Sites

This site may contain links to other websites that are not operated by the company, but by other entities altogether. Such links are provided for your convenience only and for the purpose of enhancing the browsing experience on our website. The company has no control over these Web sites and bears no responsibility for any contents and/or information contained therein, and/or for the quality and/or level and/or risk that may arise from usage thereof. There is nothing in the inclusion of such links on this website that may serve as the companies endorsement of any content presented in such sites, and there is nothing in them that may indicate any kind association with the operators of such sites.


Ban of Illegal or Prohibited Use

As a precondition for use of this site, all users are under obligation to refrain from using this site for any illegal purpose, or for any other purpose that is prohibited under the terms, conditions and/or notifications contained herein. Accordingly, the use of this website by any manner which may cause harm, disable, overload or change the website, interfere with its contents or with the enjoyment / usage of other users is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to “hack” this website or use passwords for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to the site, accounts, computer systems or other related networks or otherwise is strictly prohibited. The collection of any image or information contained within the site for commercial use or otherwise is explicitly prohibited. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to use this site as a link to other websites and the company reserves the right to employ any legal means at its disposal for the purpose of terminating any prohibited activity mentioned above.


Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Israel only. You hereby agree that any dispute arising from the use of this site or which is related therewith shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the District Courts of Tel - Aviv - Jaffa, which shall reside over any dispute therein.


Terms of Agreement

It is hereby agreed upon that the terms of this agreement constitute all that is agreed upon between the parties in all matters listed herein, in full, and that the Company shall not be bound by any promise, publication, statement, representation, agreement, effect and undertakings conducted  orally or in writing and which is not included in this agreement and were made, if applicable, before or during time of signing. This agreement may not be amended and/or modified in any way unless such modification/amendment is put down in writing and signed by both parties thereto.

All section headings to this Agreement are provided for purpose of convenience only and do not constitute an integral part thereof, and as such should not be considered during interpretation and/or examination of the validity of any instruction/provision set forth herein.



Any failure of the company to employ any one or more of its rights under this Agreement may not be interpreted as any type of waiver or acceptance by the company, and shall not be used against it in any way.